La Bouse, Utby


I read an interview with a photographer that told to exclude the main object from the images. And instead let the viewer think up the story themselves.

For some years I have tried to make my bouldering pictures to not only include photos of people sending hard projects to include more of the people.

What do you think? Am I on the right track?

I never look good in pictures


As part of my latest web job I did a photoshoot for YogaStudion. The mission was to make some pictures for the new web site. We needed portraits as well as yoga postures and details.

On our way out Linda told me that she dislike being photographed. Many people do and in the beginning I was a bit stressed by that but now I realise more and more that is one of the biggest missions for the photographer. I must be able to get people comfortable in front of the camera.

I think the personal side of photography is the hardest. To be able to put the personality of the people down to one picture. The technical parts of photography are easy compared 🙂

Sat nam!

Pro climbing pictures


One morning the pros (Ueli Steck and Alizée Dufraisse) were shooting on the lead Fuckination on the Cennect sector in Olympos. Their timing with the morning sun peaking over the trees were perfect and they had been prepping the ground by bending away trees with ropes.

We kept our distance. I stayed on the left side and Jonas went to the other.

I won the trip to Petzl roadtrip 2015 with this photo on my friend Padde bouldering on Rävholmen, Öckerö. The week in Turkey was awesome!

Two more picture where Vlad climbs on this beautiful lead wall.